Week 8 – The World Within

During week 6 and 7 I created my Movie Poster of the True Life story of Tobie Steyn. I was asked to introduce myself to my future self which I learned through this course was like a stranger to me.

Well as most of you know from reading my post every week this is not the first year that I have the privilege to be part of this life changing journey and while I can tell you that my family and I had a lot of fun creating my movie poster I was stopped in my tracks by one thought.

Tobie Movie Poster_1

I am going to be honest with you because I had to be honest with myself.

I had to look the guy in the glass in the eye and I realized that I have been cheating the guy in the glass. I have been stuck in the old blue print. Haanel wrote in lesson 7 paragraph 19 “…..that we have always been taught to look for strength and power “without?” We have been taught to look everywhere but “within” and whenever this power manifested in our lives we were told that it was something supernatural.” In the intro to week 7 Haanel wrote “Through all the ages man has believed in an invisible power, through which and by which all things have been created and are continually being re-created. We may personalize this power and call it God, or we may think of it as the essence or spirit,which permeates all things, but in either case the effect is the same.”

I have been holding on to the self doubt and the believe that some thing or some one outside of me will manifest my new reality for me supernaturally. Do I really have the power within to manifest my earnest desires on my movie poster?

I read and re-read lesson 7 over and over and highlighted this sentence in paragraph 19 “Is it not wonderful that man has such tremendous power within himself, such transcendental faculties concerning which he had no conception?”

What power? Can I really have it in me? How do I manifest all of my desires? Where do I find the ways and the means? How do I develop the faith I need?  I want this invisible power!

Now I need to be honest with you again I have read the following paragraphs of lesson 7 many a times over until last week and suddenly BAM.

“18. Make the Mental Image; make it clear, distinct, perfect; hold it firmly; the ways and means will develop; supply will follow the demand; you will be led to do the right thing at the right time and in the right way. Earnest Desire will bring about Confident Expectation, and this in turn must be reinforced by Firm Demand. These three cannot fail to bring about Attainment, because the Earnest Desire is the feeling, the Confident Expectation is the thought, and the Firm Demand is the will, and, as we have seen, feeling gives vitality to thought and the will holds it steadily until the law of Growth brings it into manifestation.”

“11. If you can conscientiously follow these directions, you will develop Faith, the kind of Faith that is the “Substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”; you will develop confidence, the kind of confidence that leads to endurance and courage; you will develop the power of concentration which will enable you to exclude all thoughts except the ones which are associated with your purpose.”

“4. …….reading about it will not bring about any result which you may have in mind; it will not even help you to form the mental image, much less bring it into manifestation. Work is necessary – labor, hard mental labor, the kind of effort which so few are willing to put forth.”

I do have the power within!


6 thoughts on “Week 8 – The World Within

  1. crunchman30

    Great excerpts from the Masterkeys 7 lesson, I’m definitely going to re-read that again. Great Movie Poster. Oh and by the way, your desires will manifest. Mine are starting to. If it’s happening to me, then it’s going to happen for you! Stay strong and keep believing! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family



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