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South African Couple Interviewed by the Helene Eloff – The Lowvelder Posted: Thursday, February 28, 2019

I was thrilled and could not believe my luck when I received the message from my editor that Tobie and Magda Steyn agreed to a private interview. I was over the moon when I found out that they invited me to join them at their lake view Wooden Cabin in Canada for the interview.

The Town

What a buzz of excitement when my plane touched down on the secluded airstrip just outside the town of Alberta in Canada. As I emerge from the plan I got my first glimpse of this beautiful landscape and I knew that I have been invited to be part something very special.


Tobie and Magda Steyn was waiting for my at the bottom of the steps with a warm South African welcome although we were thousands of mile away. I recognized both of them by their smile. My editor told me that they are known for the sun in their smile and that was no lie.


After the formalities of introduction were finish and Tobie helped me collect my bags, we traveled for about 40 minutes out of town to a beautiful spot right next to one of the great lakes that they refer to as their family retreat. I was the only journalist that had the privilege to be invited to this very special place for this extraordinary interview.

The road

Both Tobie and his beautiful wife Magda, who Tobie always refer to as his best friend and soul mate, were not interested in lots of attention and wanted me to experience the peace and tranquility that the couple created for them and their two lovely boys, Mikal and Enriq.


On our way there I ask Tobie about this family retreat, he smiled and as his face lite up he explained “I made a promise a few years back that for three months every year I will return with my family to our lovely five bedroom Wooden Cabin in Alberta, Canada for a family retreat where we can recharge and re-launch from. Where we can create special relationships with family and friends in exchange for all the noise of the outside world, spending our day’s together reading, horse riding, going fishing, hiking, cycling and having fun.”

IMG_1377 (1)

Wow as he spoke I could feel the emotion in the air and I got a glimpse of what this time together meant to them.

As we turned off the main road and headed down to the lake through the forest I could feel my excitement getting the better of me.

Road through the woods

It felt the same as when I saw the ocean for the first time when I was a young girl growing up in a town far away from the ocean. I could not wait for us to reach the lake and I was not disappointed. The beauty and magnificence of this place blew me away.  As I excited the vehicle I stood in awe of the splendor.

Alberta Canada

Because of my long flight Tobie and Magda suggest that I take my time to refresh and relax while they go for their daily mountain bike ride. That suited me fine seeing that I needed to compose myself and let all of this wonder sink in. This was nothing like I imagined it in my dreams it was way better and also had to do some preparation for the interview.


They were gone for about an hour and a half and after a quick shower the interview was set up on the wooden desk overlooking the beautiful forest and lake.

Deck overlooking

I started the interview with the remark “What an awesome privilege to live so close to nature and to wake up to this spectacular view every morning”.


“Thank you Helene for your kindness. Yes this is awesome we wake up every morning grateful to be alive.” Tobie said “We both think this is the most beautiful place on the planet and we dearly love it here. I want to thank you and it is a great privilege to have you as our guests at our place of magic. Magda and I want to thank you for traveling all this way to interview us.”

“Now Tobie, tell me, I was made to understand that you have just returned from an awesome trip that took you half way around the world.” Tobie smiled and looked lovingly at Magda and said “We are so grateful to have the freedom to travel the world together visiting historic places and the tremendous opportunity to go cycling with our mountain bikes on route all around the world with both our boys. We are so thrilled to be able to ride together experiencing new trails, spending your days being one with nature, laughing and loving life.


“Helene” Magda said “If you told me 4 years ago that Tobie and I will be interviewed by you here at our family retreat and have an opportunity to visit amazing and wonderful places all around the world, I would have said you are joking. But that is how dreams come true.”

Wow it sounds as if you have an amazing story to tell?

Tobie look lovingly at Magda and with her eyes tearing up a bit, she composes herself and Tobie said. “What a life I am living, being blessed with my beautiful wife, Magda, as my best friend and my two boys that I deeply love. It all started in August 2015 when two extraordinary things happened in our life. The first one I would like you to experience and thereafter we can continue with the interview.”

I was taken to one of the rooms that they called the cinema room. As I entered I was amazed to find it was a room created to resemble a movie theater. I looked at Tobie and Magda and with a smile Magda said “We have always loved watching movies together and seeing that we spend a lot of time at our retreat we decided we will spoil ourselves with this luxury.”

Movie room

As we sat down Tobie explained “This video I am going to show you know changed my way of thinking and awaken something within me that caused an earnest desire to be free and health.” The light dimmed and the video started. I was in heaven, all I needed was popcorn and soda.

Wow what a awesome peace of inspiration that surpass all limitation. I included the link in this interview for the benefit of all that takes the time to read this amazing true life story of Tobie and Magda.

We returned to the deck and after Tobie composed himself, he indicated that we can continue. This video touched him deeply.

Tobie continued “The next thing that changed the course of our life’s was that I was privilege enough to receive a Pay It Forward Scholarship and become part of the Master Key Experience that changed my life. Through the easy training system that Markj and whole MKMMA team created, I discovered my power within, and that launched my family and my future. We are sitting here in Canada with this beautiful view because of people like Markj, Davene and their wonderful team and their gift that they share with the world.”

Magda smiled at Tobie and said “Tobie has always been reading self-help books and registering for self-help courses from the moment I met him. He had a library of books and courses on self-help and motivation, but for a long time it felt as if he was just not breaking through. We had a good life and we were both employed by the government barely making ends meet each month. We had no proper vacation and we were typical rats in the rat race. Then Tobie started the MKMMA Course and at first I thought he gone crazy with all his index cards, shapes and loud reading, but then things started to happen……..